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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Platinum - More than just "Little Silver"

by Diana Jewelers of Liverpool
Platinum - More than just Little Silver Platinum comes from the word “platina,” which means “little silver” in Spanish. It was named this because, at the time it was discovered mixed in with gold, it was thought to be flecks of silver, and it was thrown away. It wouldn't be until centuries later, when platinum was analyzed using the burgeoning field of chemistry, that platinum's true value would be discovered. Platinum is a noble metal, meaning that it resists corrosion; it is stronger than gold and occurs even more rarely, giving it the nickname of “rich man's gold.” By the 19th century...

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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Platinum: One of the Loveliest Precious Metals

by Betsy
Platinum Forever

Today people around the world celebrate the beauty of fine Platinum. This durable metal maintains a very high melting point. With a powerful 3,214.9 degrees Fahrenheit required to reduce precious silver-colored Platinum to liquid, rest assured that rings and other items of jewelry crafted from this rare metal last practically forever. Its awe-inspiring properties and symbolic durability make it popular in modern engagement rings and wedding bands. Few more meaningful testimonials to enduring love exist.

For centuries, Platinum remained very difficult to extract successfully. Despite the challenges, at least one ancient Egyptian tomb contains alloys of Platinum and some Pre-Columbian civilizations in South America on rare occasions used this metal. However, only with the invention of more poten...

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