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Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold

The Philip Gavriel collection of jewelry is a breath of fresh air. After a while, all jewelry can start to look the same, even to women who pride themselves on knowing a lot about fashion. There are only so many ways that designers can inject style and individuality into something as small as a ring or a bracelet. Every woman who has seen this collection has been excited about it because its ingenuity is immediately evident.

Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold The Dragonfly collection takes its namesake inspiration and interprets it in ways that have never been seen before on such small canvases. Some of the pieces feature multiple dragonflies inlaid next to each other at dramatic angles, and other pieces have the dragonflies perched right on top. The Organic Eternity, Organic Stone and Venice collections are whimsical and colorful. The first two collections have bohemian flavor, with large colored elements mixed in with refined craftsmanship. The Venice pieces are decadent yet tasteful. There are a few rings in the Venice line that would make wonderful engagement rings for unconventional ladies.
Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold

Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold The Rock Candy pieces are some of the brightest and most colorful jewelry items that have ever appeared on a jewelry counter. It is rare that high-end pieces like these seem suitable for young women, but this line delivers where others fall short. Like the Venice collection, Rock Candy includes many rings that are worthy of being worn as engagement rings. Diamonds are beautiful but not unique. The Rock Candy rings are topped with bright purple, blue and green jewels that women will want to wear every day. That is a better representation of love than a typical diamond is.
Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold

Philip Gavriel Breaks the Mold The likes of the Byzantine collection have never been seen before in high-end stores. The intricate swirls and lattices of the cuff bracelets are decadent and theatrical. These are the kinds of pieces that are usually only seen on the wrists of royalty. The thin bangles look like gilded armor, especially when stacked on top of each other. The small, colorful stone accents stand out against the antiqued silver twists. Some of the bangles are open-ended, with larger gemstones punctuating the empty space. These pieces are ideal for any woman who wants to wear jewelry worthy of Elizabeth Taylor, but on a smaller scale. The Byzantine collection is opulent in the best way. These are special-occasion pieces that can be worn on a daily basis.

This just scratches the surface of Philip Gavriel's gifts as a jewelry designer. He reaches women of all ages and tastes with his designs. It almost seems unfair to place Gavriel's jewelry next to anyone else's, as he puts all of his peers to shame. Bold jewelry is rarely this tasteful, nor does it tend to be made with the same care and quality as traditional diamond jewelry. This is couture jewelry for a younger generation, just as it is jewelry for mature women who refuse to set aside their true tastes for colorful accessories. Visit our shop in Liverpool, NY to see these marvels for yourself.

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