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Generations of Love

Here's a story of a lovely lady....Oh that sounds too much like the "Brady Bunch". I am dating myself here. This beautiful remount is generations of love all wrapped into one. I can't say enough about this wonderful couple. And she was our VIP winner at Christmas! Certainly a "blingy" Holdiay Season! Enjoy and dream!

Generations of Love Custom94-1-14

Three larger diamonds set in white gold prongs very close together. An antique style shank with pavee set diamonds and a milgrain edge add to the detail.

Generations of Love Custom94-2-89

This beautiful design when viewed from the side is called a trellis. One client said it was like generations of ladies in her life "hugging" her. Notice how the white gold meats the base of the yellow shank. Very elegant.

Generations of Love Custom94-3-88

Just loving that sparkle!

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