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Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring

I have been so excited to show you this final recreated piece. And, this lady is truly as lovely as her new ring. She brought in a ring, a pair of channel set diamond earrings and two diamond pendants. Her request was something on the wider side, but also delicate. Together with some "visual aids" we took the journey from a quick sketch and the final computer rendering to the gorgeous result. She simply imagined the possibilities. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here are her original pieces. You can see her engagement ring, diamond freeform pendant, diamond hoop earrings and a 5 diamond pendant:
Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring Custom83-Before1-29

The original sketch, based on a few rings we saw pictured. We made some adaptations and took a few measurements to begin the process. She decided she wanted a two tone rose and white gold ring:
Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring Custom83-Before2-20

Here you can see the final computer generated rendering. This is completed prior to cutting the wax, before casting the piece. This is a multiple piece casting because of the two colors of gold:
Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring Custom83-Before3-76

This gorgeous ring on a bright sunny fall day. The rose and white gold stand out against the diamonds:
Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring Custom83-After1-28

A close up picture and side view in indoor lighting. You can see the shared prong settings between the diamonds. There are no gaps between the stones because adjacent diamonds share common prongs:
Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring

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