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Marquis Diamond Ring

After over 32 years of working in our family business and creating "treasures", I still am uplifted when a client sees the final product and feels joy. An incredible lady came in with a solitaire diamond, trillion wrap and tapered marquise diamond anniversary band. With the addition of some small round diamonds, she has a new, breathtaking set. I am forever thankful she allowed me to see this vision through and, of course, thankful for her trust.

Marquis Diamond Ring Custom74-1-12

Center marquise in a six prong head with the two trillion shaped diamonds from the wrap on each side. One marquise on each side with an additional round creates a multi shaped diamond ring that is elegant and stunning.

Marquis Diamond Ring Custom74-2-27

View from the side showing three different shaped diamonds together.

Marquis Diamond Ring Custom74-3-72

Showing detail of the milgrain edges and the light matte finish between stones.

Marquis Diamond Ring Custom74-4-88

Wedding band incorporated largest marquise from the anniversary band in the center with two slightly smaller ones and four additional round diamonds.

Marquis Diamond Ring Custom74-5-93

Elegant set incorporates three different shaped diamonds. Anything is possible with imagination!

AT: 07/23/2017 02:49:13 PM  

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