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Can diamonds chip?

Can diamonds chip? Yes. Diamonds grow in layers and are cut along grain lines so if hit just right, they can chip. But diamonds can be repaired by an expert diamond cutter. Take a look at the attached before and after pictures. But the best part is the story: This was a gift from mother in law to daughter in law and will be eventually passed on to her granddaughter.

Three before pictures show broken edges along half of the edge and what looks like broken ice down the back.

Can diamonds chip? ChippedDiamondBefore1-34

See the large piece missing along the top left edge between the two prongs and the smaller chips along edge between two prongs.

Can diamonds chip? Can diamonds chip?

Wow what a difference! The edge or girdle is perfectly straight and the new cut gives maximum brilliance.

Can diamonds chip? ChippedDiamondAfter1-52

From the side no more jagged edges. Look at the light reflecting in the diamond. Loving that Bling:)

Can diamonds chip? Can diamonds chip?

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