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The Timelessness of Silver

We have been using silver in various ways for thousands of years. Silver has been popular as currency, first appearing as official tender in Ancient Rome. Since then, silver has been used in everything from silverware to mirrors to electronics. And, of course, jewelry.

There is no silver jewelry, but rather sterling silver jewelry. This is because pure silver is too soft to create jewelry with. Therefore, a small percentage (7.5) are metal alloys. This gives it enough hardness to then create jewelry that will stand the test of time.

Sterling silver jewelry contains a timeless elegance that complements traditional beauty. Consider some of our selections from Parle Gems, such as the Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Wave 30mm Bangle
The Timelessness of Silver

or the Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Wave Pendant.
The Timelessness of Silver

For pieces which carry that same elegance but with a modern twist, consider some of our pieces from Lafonn, which use sterling silver bonded with platinum such as this Simulated Diamond Sterling Silver Bonded w/ Platinum Bracelet
The Timelessness of Silver

or these Simulated Diamond Sterling Silver Bonded with Platinum Earrings.
The Timelessness of Silver

Although sterling silver jewelry is inherently durable, it still needs care. While it is good to wear your sterling silver jewelry often because the oils in your skin protects the jewelry, you should take off all jewelry pieces when engaging in manual tasks to avoid scratches. You should also store each piece of sterling silver jewelry separately, each with its own anti-tarnish strip.

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