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Ruby is July's Birthstone

Ruby is Julys Birthstone Ruby and Diamond Ring
Ruby and Diamond Ring
The fire red primary hue of the ruby, long associated with fire and power, has been loved for centuries. Throughout time people have worn ruby necklaces, ruby rings, ruby earrings, not only for their breathtaking beauty, but for their perceived power.

Rubies do not naturally appear as they do in ruby jewelry. Rubies must be first treated to reduce flaws. Heating the ruby is the first treatment. If the ruby contains cracks, it is again heated and the cracks are filled in using melted glass.

Rubies have traditionally been associated with power, most likely because their red color resembles fire. In Ancient Egypt, the ruby was seen as the gem of the Egyptian goddess of war, a goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Soldiers carried rubies with them in the hopes of taking some of this goddess power with them onto the battlefield. Today, some believe that wearing ruby jewelry can cure lethargy, and even increase concentration by making the brain more powerful.

Most today do not believe that ruby jewelry hold any special powers. Rather, they love the ruby's exquisite and breathtaking beauty, just as people have before them since the beginning of time. While the ruby is now July's birthstone and therefore a wonderful gift for anyone born in July, its beauty can be appreciated by any loved one at any time of the year.

Ruby Jewelry Showcase

Ruby and Diamond Pendant
Ruby is Julys Birthstone Ruby-and-Diamond-Pendant-34

Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Ruby is Julys Birthstone Ruby-and-Diamond-Earrings-41

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