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Birthstone of the Month

November Birthstone: Citrine

The gemstone Citrine is the yellow-to-golden cluster of quartz and the official birthstone for the month of November. Originated from the French word “citron” meaning “lemon,” most forms of citrine have sunny and lemon-like hue. Citrine stones haeve been associated with success, good fortune and prosperity. Traditionally, the gem is also known as “The Merchant’s Stone” as it is believed to attract prosperity in the business when carried or placed in a shop’s cashbox.

Citrine comes in different shades including yellow, orange, deep gold, yellow-brown, dark orange-brown and reddish-brown. Those varieties with deep colored hues are heat-treated while the natural stones have pale yellow to pale orange properties which are significantly rare.

Most of citrine stones available in the market are artificially produced. The vast collection of this gemstone are actually heated Amethyst, and at a high temperature they tend to have more reddish, orange or brown hint than pure citrine.

This gemstone has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is ideal for any jewelry setting. Known for its beautiful and warm sunny glow tint, it is suitable for necklaces, rings and bracelets. Due to its stunning color, jewelers usually blend citrine with sterling silver and gold.

Jewelry pieces with citrine are the best gifts for the 13th year of marriage and even for lovers celebrating their anniversaries.

Citrine is found mostly in Brazil, France, Madagascar and Russia.

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