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September Birthstone - Sapphire

Ancient Persians believed that the earth was set on a giant sapphire and its reflection made the sky ocean-blue. Popular since the middle ages due to its association with purity and wisdom, sapphire was so prized by ancient kings, efforts were made to keep this kind of gem among royals only. They believed if they horded sapphires, they would have enough wisdom in making decisions especially on tough times. They also considered it as a protection against any harm, envy, illnesses, and other forms of evil. Medieval high priests wore sapphires as it represents cleansing of the soul and as a shield from temptations.

Sapphire is a member of corundum family of minerals. The gem occurs in any color varieties excluding red—when it is then known as ruby. Among them, the rich deep-blue sapphire is considered as the most precious. Sapphire is very near to the heart of Diana Jewelers due to its excellent durability next to diamond. Since this stone represents fidelity, engagement rings made of this gem are very common and also a popular gift for wedding anniversaries.

Sapphires are commonly obtained from Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
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