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Birthstone of the Month

The History of November's Birthstone, Topaz

From the moment topaz, which ranges from rich oranges to bright yellows and stunning pinks, was discovered on the island of Topazus, it has been sought after not only for its beauty, but what was believed to be its special powers.

The Ancient Greeks wore topaz pendants to increase strength. The Ancient Romans wore topaz jewelry to help improve eyesight. Ancient Egyptians thought wearing topaz shielded the wearer from physical harm.

Topaz pendants and topaz rings were worn in the Middle Ages to cure or ward off a variety of ailments. Records from this period tell us that topaz was believed to help prevent gout, insomnia, and even insanity.

In Medieval Times topaz was associated with wisdom, which is why it was custom for royalty and heads of state to receive topaz pendants and topaz rings as gifts. In fact, it is believed that the golden brown gems in the rings of Henry VIII in the famous portrait by Hans Holbein are believed to be topaz since no other stone of a similar color would've been proper to give royalty at the time.

Whether you believe topaz holds special preventative medical powers, or you, as so many before, are simply enamored with the stone's beautiful and rich range of oranges, November is the perfect month to purchase topaz jewelry. Simply stop into our store and we can help you find the topaz jewelry perfect for you.
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