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Birthstone of the Month

February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst is the designated stone for the month of February and the 6th wedding anniversary. It is a purple variety of quartz. The gem can display a range of violet hues from pale lilac to rich purple and may demonstrate tinges of red and blue flashes.

Amethyst owes its color to the iron and manganese compounds found in the stone. The shades will depend upon the level of impurities and traces of the said elements that partly composed the crystal.

During the middle ages, amethyst has been appreciated as a holy stone because it promotes spiritual clarity. Its holistic association made it a favorite gem for ornamental pieces in many churches. Amethyst was also popularly known as the Bishop’s Stone because the leaders of the church embellished their rings and rosaries with this brilliant purple gem.

Amethyst crystal with a beautiful deep purple is the most precious grade, therefore highly priced. Quite rare in nature, irradiated amethyst has become conventional because the procedure can acquire the darker violet shade. Amethyst is also widely-used to manufacture citrines. When heated, the color will transform to lighter shades such as yellow brown or yellow orange.

The gem has an impressive durability that is favorable for jewelry making. It has a rate of 7 in the Mohs scale.

A dazzling collection of amethyst bangles, bracelets, cufflinks, cocktail rings, pendants and necklaces offer a timeless beauty and fits well for daily wear. The beautiful gem can be accented with other colored gems or diamonds and can go with either white or yellow gold setting.

Whether it’s a casual or formal event, adorning with a set of fabulous amethyst accessories is a well-deserved treat for loved-ones and yourself as well. Its wearer will surely become a stunner!

Main sources of amethyst are found in Brazil and Zambia and can also be mined in Africa, Uruguay, Russia and Sri Lanka.
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