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Birthstone of the Month

October Birthstone: Opal

Birthstone of the Month
Opal Earrings from Parle.

Opal is attributed as a unique stone which displays all the colors from all other gems. No other stone has obtained its property.

In the Australian legend, they believed that the creator came down to earth on a rainbow and opal began to flourish. In Arab myth, opal fell from heaven as a gift to the earth in the flashes of lightening. It's also associated with the virtues of innocence and purity. Medieval rulers set opal in their crowns to ward off evil and avoid mishaps.

Opals come in many varieties including the milky white opal, black opal, crystal opal and fire opal. The most common and least expensive kind of opal is the milky white base with patches of rainbow colors.

Black opals are the most valuable and even rival the price of diamonds because they show a mesmerizing play of colors. When set in jewelry, almost always they are set against a dark stone to enhance the vibrancy of the kaleidoscope of colors.

It was also thought to represent love and romance which make the gem a brilliant gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. Happiness is associated to opal and jewelry pieces made of this gemstone have become popular birthday presents for family members, close friends and couples.

Most opals are mined in Australia, while other varieties are found in Mexico and Brazil.

Breeze Sterling Silver pendants and earrings with created opal and cubic zirconia are striking in tones of blue, greens and reds. Opal jewelry is available in many different styles.

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