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Birthstone of the Month

April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond

Diamond is both the designated birthstone for the month of April and the traditional gift for 60th wedding anniversary. As the most valuable stone, with an extensive range of colors and long history, diamond is highly coveted in the gem industry.
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond Hand-engraved engagement ring-22
Hand-engraved Engagement Ring

The hardest mineral found in nature, diamond has a ranking a 10 in the Mohs scale rating, indicating its durability. This characteristic makes diamond withstand complicated jewelry settings. Even in the industrial field, diamonds unsuitable for gemstone purposes are utilized as cutting and grinding tools used to polish and cut any material.

A wonder of nature, diamonds are composed of carbons exposed to extreme heat and pressure under the earth's surface. The immense temperature and pressure caused the crystallization of these carbons, forming the world's luxurious gem, diamond. Diamonds can be found in alluvial deposits, volcanic rocks, or deposits left behind glaciers.

Diamond is primarily identified as being colorless. However, the gem may be in nearly any color such as red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple, gray, brown and black.

Diamond characteristically displays unparalleled reflection and refraction making it a top choice for bridal jewelry. Diamond rings symbolize everlasting love and a lifetime commitment to your partner.

Diamond engagement rings or wedding band settings can be made of white or yellow gold, platinum and palladium. Many of these rings are featured in different styles and cuts such as solitaires and halos, with single center stone or three stones.

In the same manner, a collection of fine diamond jewelry is available in a wide array of en vogue styles such as pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Such a dazzling line makes a perfect gift to your family or friends for every occasion. Some jewelry stores offer personalized diamond pieces that can be accented with other precious or semi-precious stones.

Diamonds are worth your investment because their luster never fades with proper cleaning and care.

Major sources of diamond can be mined in Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Russia.

Diamond Jewelry Collection

Semi Mount Swirl Engagement Ring
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring-36

Hand-engraved Wedding Band
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond Hand-engraved wedding band-61

Platinum Semi Mount Engagement Ring
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond Platinum Semi Mount Engagement Ring-48

White Gold Necklace with Laser Drilled Diamond
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond White Gold Necklace with laser drilled diamond-18

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