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Kirk Kara

Kirk Kara
Every woman intrinsically possesses a unique personality and has a special style that evolves from season to season. Kirk Kara understands this well and as such, his jewelry is designed to reflect every woman’s individual style. Each piece of Kirk Kara jewelry is a treasure inspired by the past to be worn today.
We at Diana’s Jewelers recognize the level of dedication, passion, and skill that go into every piece by Kirk Kara and is very pleased to carry his line of stunning jewelry for our customers in and around the Liverpool, NY area.
Kirk Kara’s wife Lucy, who comes from a long line of fabric designers and manufacturers, shares her eye for fashion and feminine intuition with Kirk Kara. She also serves as his daily creative inspiration. For Kirk Kara, it is this sense of family that his creations best evoke – the ideal attribute for jewelry designed to signify the beginning of a new family.
His mother, Angelique, whose penchant for elegant jewelry is mirrored in his collections, was the inspiration for his vintage-style Angelique right-hand ring. Truly a family of jewelers, Kirk Kara began apprenticeship in 1965 under the guidance of his father, Artin, a master jeweler. In that time, jewelry making was an art, and there were no shortcuts to perfection. Spending his evenings workshop, Kirk eventually began designing jewelry and establishing his own clientele.
Today, Kirk Kara’s attention to visual detail and strong imagination aid in the creation of heirlooms that exhibit years of hands-on experience and love of the art. His collections feature luminous designs using diamonds, blue sapphires, and pink sapphires. Most rings are available in platinum, 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, and 18K rose gold so you're sure to find the perfect ring and wedding bands that best reflect your beautifully unique love story.
Whether you’re looking to propose and start a family or would just like to treat her to a gift as gorgeous as she is, ask a Diana’s Jewelers associate today to help you find the perfect Kirk Kara piece to show the woman in your life just how truly treasured she is to you. We look forward to seeing you!
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