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Camelot Bridal

Camelot Bridal
Since 1836, Camelot has been designing gorgeous and comfortable engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings for women and men. Their rings have been made to last a lifetime and even to be passed down for future generations. All of their rings and bands are proudly created, from design to manufacturing, right here in the United States.
When you purchase a Camelot ring from Diana Jewelers in Liverpool, NY, you can rest assured that it is warranted against imperfections in design or workmanship. Camelot rings also come with a written warranty to assure you of metal content as well as the carat weight of your diamonds. All diamond rings from Camelot contain stones that are graded according to the strictest GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards.
All of Camelot's standards are incredibly high. Camelot rings are made using very specific crafting processes like the lost art of die-striking, diamonds set by machine, and metal refining.
Die Striking - A die-struck ring is made by stamping metal (gold, silver, platinum) onto a metal die under several tons of pressure. The finished ring has no porosity (air pockets within the gold or platinum), it will polish brighter, and will be more durable.
Machine Setting of Diamonds – Camelot uses machines that set their diamonds more precisely than any human could. Their channel-set diamond bands are set by machines that they have programmed to produce immensely high quality rings with diamonds that simply don't fall out.
Refining - Refining is the process of purifying metal. Camelot is one of the only manufacturing firms with its own refinery. Not only does this save them money to pass along to you, but it allows them to create a better product. Most companies re-use their gold and every time gold is melted and reformed it loses strength and luster. By refining our gold and not simply melting our gold, we use "fresh" metal that polishes brighter and never appears dull.
You expect your engagement ring and wedding bands to last forever and Camelot makes sure that will happen with their meticulous processes and attention to detail. They create rings and bands that not only look gorgeous but also wear comfortably on your finger, since most of them as designed with "Comfort Feel". This means that the inside of your ring is gently rounded rounding to make it fit more comfortably.
From breathtaking engagement rings to astounding eternity bands, Camelot makes rings to symbolize the joyous union of love and commitment you share. Come visit Diana Jewelers today and let one of our trained jewelry associates help you select the Camelot rings or bands that are made for you!